Friday, April 04, 2008

Part 5 of Anna's playplace - Complete

We are done!!!

1.5 cubic yards was the perfect amount of playground mulch. It took a about 30 minutes to move and spread with Heathers help (don't worry, she just pushed the mulch around after I dumped it!)...
Anna's playplace with mulch

Then, we assembled the Step 2 playset. Wow was that easy! Snap together and 4 screws completes the task.
Anna's playplace with playset

We are eager for Anna to wake up from her nap so that she can try it out!

Running total including tax:
Dirt: $135
Seed, weed barrier, and tools: $55
Sod: $125
Playground mulch: $50
Playset: $290
Total: $655

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