Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Primantis sandwich

Looking through the hard drive at old pictures, I found an old shot of a primantis sandwich. Check this out:

In case you are wondering, we are talking about good old fries and slaw on a deli style sandwich..thats quality Pittsburgh style. I miss Primantis so much this picture makes me hungry :-)

Finally bought a car seat/stroller

We debated which car seat and stroller a bit, and in the end we had decided on buying a Peg Perego..because we heard its the safest. We ordered the one we wanted at 10% off...still $475...and then it wasn't coming in for a we cancelled that order and somehow went back to the drawing board. Not that the original price at $530 was that much more, but man its a lot. So, we decided to go back to the drawing board, look again at the metro lite. As I researched it, the I saw a lot of nice reports on the Chicco Flex Lock as well. So, we were going to look at the Graco MetroLite, the Chicco Cortina, and the Peg Perego P3/Viaggo SIP again. Man, we didn't realize how heavy that PP was compared to some of the others. We really liked the Chicco and the features that the Babies R Us employee ran through, won us over. So, we finally have one. It is here...and we saved $250 from the PP :-)

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Birth classes

So, we are taking birth classes at Rex wednesday nights. Its very interesting, I have learned a lot. Our birth class teacher is all about "optimal fetal positioning" which is basically getting the mothers pelvis in the right direction to help the baby pop out more easily. Its interesting, but she is pushing that doll through the pelvis a much I dreamt about it last night. Whew...

One of the other things last night is that she told the men they can do as much as they want in the delivery room as they want to. Specifically, that the nurses would allow you to help go fetch ice chips, blankets, etc. Meanwhile, in the back of my mind is what my cousin Ken told me...he just sat there and the professionals handled it all. I think I am going to sit back and enjoy the experience, let the professionals handle the rest.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Steelers tickets!!!!!

So, I am so pumped. I used some of my patent money to get a pair of Steelers tickets for John and I for the game when they play the Carolina Panthers down here in Charlotte on December 17. I picked up a pair of tickets from ebay in row 11 of section 230. Section 230 is right behind the goal posts:

Hopefully, this will be high enough to get a good view. Here is a small image of the view from there from

Next, I ordered my favorite player's super bowl replica jersey. Here is what it looks like:

Yea...I am excited. Go Steelers!!!!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Coke in a bottle

There is just something about an ice cold Coke in a bottle. Heather got these 8 oz bottles of Coke in a bottle the other day...there is just something that makes that Coke test better. Maybe its the painted label on the glass, the cold condensation off the bottle, or the perfectly round cold drinking spout also known as the bottle top. I haven't enjoyed 8 oz of any beverage so much in quite some time.

What do you do with caught suicide bombers?

I have been wondering, what do you do with caught suicide bombers. But, I wonder how our courts would handle it. They never actually killed anyone, so they may not get the death sentence. But, I don't see how time in prison will make them want to blow themselves up and kill a bunch of normal civilians any less. I personally think being sentenced to death lets them be they will be happy and the world will be safer.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fidelity adds a bunch of jobs to Raleigh/RTP area

Fidelity just announced adding 2000 jobs to the RTP area and buying a 268 acre campus in RTP. To do this, they got a package worth almost $70 million. Here is some of the coverage:
News and Observer
WRAL video coverage

Cool stuff. The disclaimer is that my wife does work for Fidelity...and I personally think the company is just about the best employer around. :-)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Steelers sadness

So, in case you didn't know, I am from Pittsburgh which means I bleed black and gold. Steelers will play the Panthers in Charlotte this season...and won't play them again in Charlotte til 2014. I failed to get tickets early...I tried to get early tickets and tried to get tickets when they went on sale Saturday and I could again. Its now the question is whether to buy tickets at $400...hmmm...