Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Know your stuff

Another tidbit from the Erie Insurance Magazine, Eriesense, this quarter was to go do a home inventory of your stuff in case of a fire. After hearing a story about someone losing their house to a fire last night, I am ready to start. The magazine points your to knowyourstuff.org (although the magazine got the URL wrong initially, it was correct off their website) from the Insurance Information Institute which looks to be a pretty cool program.

You start the program by adding pictures of your house, your name and contact information, and your insurance company information including policy number. After that, you name each room, add pictures of that room, and add items to that room. Each item needs information about it from replacement costs to make, model, and serial numbers. It seems pretty simple, albeit time consuming. :-) So, its going to be my side project for a while until I have our inventory complete.

Update: The program crashed when I completed the second room. I think I may go back to another suggestion I heard and just video tape each room.

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