Monday, April 07, 2008

3 weeks to go...

Heather is 37 weeks pregnant today with three weeks to go. Unfortunately, she is not growing as well externally as the doctor would like (has still gained < 15 lbs) and so they ordered an ultrasound for tomorrow. Last time we had an ultrasound for the same reason, they found the little girl was growing regular and in the 51% for body. We are praying that they will find the same thing tomorrow. More news on this tomorrow...

We have just about everything ready for our new little girl to come home to. Heather has washed the clothes and the room is clean and ready. Heather has a bag to pack and we have a variety of people prepared to watch Anna while we run to the hospital. The car seat base is back in the Pilot. All we have left is to set up the bassinet and raise the crib...but since I will be home with Anna after the baby is born, I can set it up then.

Heather and I have been continually been making commitments with clauses such as "so long as the baby does not come." I even have been doing this a lot at work. At work, I try to finish all of my longer term deliverables immediately so that I don't have anything outstanding should the baby come.

Its really a new mode of thinking throughout, an anticipation in all of our lives. When will she come? Only God knows. But, those of us down here cannot wait!

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