Thursday, April 03, 2008

I don't drink coffee

At work, we have several places to get coffee without leaving the building depending on how much of a connoisseur you are. There is the lowest level, the free stuff available in every break room on every floor. The middle level is available only in the mornings in the cafeteria. And the highest level is available in the convenience store is Starbucks. All that said, I often hear "Let's get coffee" when someone wants to talk in the morning. Furthermore, its the same people offering to get coffee with me again and again. It also nearly never fails that they ask, "Aren't you getting coffee?" when I do not myself pick up a cup wherever we end up. I've decided I need a t-shirt or sign in my cube that points out that I don't drink coffee as a reminder to these people. :-)


Anonymous said...
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Lori Beth said...

No coffee.....but have you tried a chai latte? Yummy! I get mine Venti, nonfat, no water, no foam chai!! Yes I know if I would stop I would save myself mucho dinero
($4.21 a day to be exact, not that I go EVERY day)I should go back to it being a treat every so often.

Erik said...

I do drink froofy coffee drinks and chai...just no regular coffee and certainly not every day. You may want to check out this thing called a Tassimo I got Heather a couple years ago which saves us money at does good chai lattes.