Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to my best friend

My best friend turns 28 years old today. She is my partner in adventures, traveling, and fun. For the last almost 5 years, I have been blessed to call her my wife. For the past year and a half, Anna has been blessed to have her as her mommy. I hope to have her longer than the next 28 years of our lives. Some pictures of my wonderful wife to celebrate 28:

Backpacking in the summer of 2002:

My beautiful bride and I in 2003 at our wedding:

In Switzerland 2005:
Pic 158

Pregnant with Anna in Hawaii 2006:
Sunset off the balcony from our hotel

Pregnant with Anna in Boston 2006:
Pictures 002

As a new Mommy in 2006:
Anna and Mommy

With Giraffes in San Diego 2007:
My favorite photo of us and the giraffes

With a nine month old Anna in 2007:
Mommy and Anna

Pregnant again with Anna over Thanksgiving 2007:
Anna & Mommy

8 months pregnant with Anna in over Easter 2008:
Easter Dinner in Ponte Vedra

Happy birthday beautiful, thanks for all the great memories!

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