Thursday, April 24, 2008

Anna asleep on the couch

My cousin Lori's recent blog about her daughter Kelsey falling asleep in her high chair made me think of all the times Anna has just crashed in the past 18 months. (Today she is officially 18 months old!) The most recent time was about two weeks ago when we were on our way home from Kohls, which is less than 2 miles away, and boom...she is out. Now, she has not been napping so well for the past over a month and this was one of those bad nap days. But, it was like 6 PM, time for her to eat, have some chill time, then go to to sleep now because there was no way she would sleep through the night. So, at first while we began to get dinner I laid her down on the couch, shoes in, sunglasses on, everything. But, once dinner was ready we began to try to wake her up. No matter how we would position her, she would stay asleep. Sitting up, she would slouch over. In my lap and arms, she would nuzzle into my shoulder and remain asleep. When we finally got her awake, she was angry. Not to worry, she was happy again when she saw she had a tray of fruit at her high chair. Here she is asleep on the couch:

Anna asleep on the couch

Looking again at this picture made me think, how cruel parent blogs might be to their little children. Imagine when she is 16 years old and searches the web on her name. Will she come up with this picture? If so, I am sorry Anna!

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Lori Beth said...

I love your last little quip...had me chuckling, not so quietly to myself, as I was thinking about the same thing!