Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Babpah Babpah -- Anna's talking skills

Anna's been working hard on her listening skills and tonight during our date night, I heard her working on her talking skills for the first time. For over the past month, Anna has been listening and responding to many questions and statements. Every day she seems to pick up something new. Tonight after her bath while Mommy was at water aerobics (Yes, less than two weeks before she is due Mommy is still doing water aerobics!) Anna and I were watching Dora the Explorer.

During Dora, when she needs something (like a towel tonight) they sing a song that goes "Backpack, Backpack." Knowing this from when my niece was younger, I started singing along which thrilled Anna. A couple of minutes later she looked at me and said, "Babaa." At first, I thought this was the "Buh-Bah" she has been calling Mommy instead of "Momma." So, I asked her, "Momma?" She said no and said, "Babpah." I thought for another second and said, "Backpack?" She said, "Yea, Babpah Babpah!" She was so excited and kept saying it. So I went and got her backpack and said, "backpack." She then wanted to wear it which i let her and she walked around saying "Babpah."

Here is a month old picture of Anna wearing her "Babpah"...
Backpack, Backpack


Cindy said...

Very cute! Love it when they start "getting it"!

Lori Beth said...

How stinkin' cute is that?? Love it!!