Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Silly bets on the TV Show Ed

I always liked the short lived TV show Ed and have often quoted it..although many don't have any clue where the quotes come from. Today I googled for all the silly $10 bets made on Ed and found a list of some here on It makes me laugh reading them and so I thought I would pass on the humor...

Season 1
Ep 2: $10 Bet: Mike challenges Ed to meow loud enough to make a guy sitting on a bench turn around.
Ep 3: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed that he cannot drink a bottle of pancake syrup.
Ep 4: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to order a burger using only two words: burger me
Ep 5: $10 Bet: Mike dares Ed to walk up to a woman at the bar and ask to buy her a drink -- with nuts in his mouth
Ep 6: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to go up to a man and call him "Mommy"
Ep 7: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed, in the supermarket, to ask the clerk where the lettuce is - but he has to call it "let-oos".
Ep 8: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed that he can't rhyme his lunch order at the diner. The waitress is the same one who took the "burger me" bet.
Ep 9: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed that he can't eat some of the dog food pate that he has made for his dog, Troy.
Ep 11: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to walk up to a stranger and start singing "Tonight I Celebrate My Love."
Ep 12: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to order a shirley temple when he goes out on a date with Bonnie Hane.
Ep 13: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to go up to a stranger on a park bench and touch his bald spot.
Ep 14: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed he can't call Reverend Carver "Padre".
Ep 15: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike can't speak in a British accent to a girl from high school, Hillary Sanders, who is at the Smiling Goat.
Ep 16: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed he won't give him 10 bucks to give him 10 bucks. Ed turns it around and bets Mike he can't give Ed twenty bucks for ten bucks.
Ep 17: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike ten bucks to go upto a bunch of people waiting at the bus stop and do the Snake Dance.
Ep 18: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike ten bucks to finish eating his dinner in the restaurant without wearing his shirt.
Ep 19: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to cover his face in wedding cake after giving the toast at Ari and Barbara's wedding.
Ep 20: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to yell "I love kitties" as loud as possible in the bowling alley.
Ep 21: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to kiss Kenny on the cheek.
Ep 22: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed ten bucks to stop talking about Carol. Ed keeps talking so Mike increases the bet to $1000. Ed doesn't accept the bet and keeps talking. This is the first time either one of them has declined a bet.

Season 2
Ep 1: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to kiss a garden gnome in a neighbor's lawn - while the neighbor is watching.
Ep 4: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to ask the waitress to wrap his one last french fry.
Ep 5: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed $6 to go hug a chicken who is advertising for a restaurant. Ed wont do it for $6 so he bets Mike to do it for $10.
Ep 7: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed ten bucks to go over to two women at the farmer's market and introduce himself as a jackass. Ed walks over to do just that, when one woman turns around and asks, "What do you want, jackass?" Mike has paid the woman ten bucks to say this to Ed, who insists Mike pay up.
Ep 8: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed $10 to eat a potato chip, despites Ed's 20 year quest to "eat just one". Ed initially refuses, but backs off when Mike calls an end to the ten dollar bets, declaring Ed the loser.
Ep 10: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed that he can't get a person at StuckeyBowl to say "tater-tots" in 30 seconds. It takes 32 seconds and Ed loses.
Ep 15: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to order a brandy at the bar by saying brandy 20 times.
Ep 20: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to go up to a man at the Smiling Goat and ask for his autograph pretending the man is Kenny Rogers.
Ep 22: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to whistle like a wolf at a man. Ed doesn't want to at first but does it after seeing Dennis and Carol.

Season 3
Ep 2: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to ask a man on the street to tell him where he can find a hotel - while consistently turning the radio volume up so the man has to shout the directions.
Ep 4: $10 Bet: After a discussion on how male ostriches court females, Mike bets Ed to court a woman at the bus stop, using his best ostrich impression. Ed goes up to the woman, rests on what he supposes are his hocks, flaps his "wings" and screams like a banshee.
Ep 7: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to play song A55 on the jukebox. Ed does and the jukebox starts playing "It's Raining Men". Everyone stares at Ed. Mike laughs.
Ep 11: $10 Bet: Ed bets Mike to stand on a chair and bark the song "Jingle Bells".
Ep 13: $10 Bet: Mike bets Ed to go up to someone at the snack bar of StuckeyBowl and do a commentary of their behavior just like a sports commentator.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Photo Hangover

We go through this every year...between the end of Anna's birthday and Christmas we have taken hundreds of photos and it almost wears us out such that we go through this period I will call a photo hangover. Thats a period where we avoid taking pictures because frankly we are exhausted of pictures. Does anyone else experience this?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Stripper Free Bachelor Parties?

There is a vast misconception in this world that one cannot have a fun bachelor party without strippers and alcohol. For the second time in my life, I find myself directly battling that misconception. If you missed my last post, one of my best friends, Derick, asked his girlfriend to be his wife right before Christmas. The images link to their website where you can read about the proposal and see a countdown to their wedding....also, you can watch a slightly updated video on his site or on my last blog post which I updated.

So, last night Derick asked me to be his best man which is an awesome honor for which I intend to work very hard to complete. Being a best man to me is more than just standing beside your friend at his wedding, but a commitment to help him achieve his objectives and uphold his commitments, short term (getting married) and long term. Long term is often lost in our culture but vitally important in my opinion. Imagine if every best man felt it was his responsibility to keep in touch with the groom and ensure he was doing his best to honor, love, protect, and cherish his wife. The world may look a bit different.

As for the short term, there are lots of lists. I found this one which I thought was useful. On the phone last night the first thing I thought of was the need to plan Derick a bachelor party. Knowing Derick, he and I are similar in that bar hopping and strippers were not on the list of activities we are interested in for our bachelor party. My first thought was what did I do? I went jetskiing with my friends in Wilmington and then had a nice dinner. Since Derick is getting married in March...that wasn't happening. What did my brother-in-law do? We played basketball. Not really Derick's thing. So, I started to compile lists of other things to do. Here are some of the things I thought of as I was trying to get to sleep last night..

  • Paintball
  • Go Karts/Laser Tag
  • Large scale poker night
  • Camping / Geocaching

Then I was out of ideas and came across some others through friends or this helpful website.
  • ATV or Jeep offroading adventures
  • Rent and fire machine guns at the range
  • Ziplines in the mountains

Here were things I had to cast off because of the time of year:
  • ski/snowboarding (might be too warm in March, especially in NC)
  • jetskiing
  • white water rafting
  • sea kayaking
  • hunt

And other things that fell off my list:
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Video Games
  • Golf
  • Skydiving
  • Sports event or concert