Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Anna is a slider

We learned probably 5-6 months ago that Anna is a slider. What I mean is that every kid has some sort of specific entertainment that they are drawn to. Some kids love jumping, swinging, running, climbing, building, etc. Anna is a slider. She loves sliding. She will always slide. When she is upset, we say, "Can you go and slide?" She will hobble over, sometimes still crying, and by the time she is at the bottom of the slide...she has a smile. We have an indoor slide that Heather has blogged about. We also have an outdoor slide in her new play place. Here is an action shot of her sliding on it from just before lunch this morning.

Anna sliding down the slide wth Mommy watching

Why kids choose these things, I doubt we will never know. But we know that for now, Anna has chosen her slide as the activity of choice. Here are some more of Anna sliding in the past 5 months...
Anna's slide
Egg Hunt - Slide Time!
Anna at the Playground

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Lori Beth said...

I love the tunnel shot!!