Sunday, January 27, 2008

Share your viewpoints

As I have been shopping for insurance companies which I'll blog about it later, I stumbled upon a cool site called Viewpoints. As one might guess, its a great consumer ratings site. I really liked the usability and readability of the site and became a member. The reviews were great, they even aggregate pros and cons at the top of each product page reviewed. This is one of those sites which can only be as good as the people participating, and they seem to have a lot of participation.

As for the insurance reviews, one of the few 5 star companies on their list was the company we currently use and have used for the past 10+ year...which increases my dilemma. More on that later. Until then, check out

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Jolie said...

Hi there! I work at Viewpoints and just wanted to say thanks for blogging about us! You are right-- we are only as good as our community and it is so helpful to have people like you getting the word out. THANKS!