Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Rice Pudding Dance

Tonight's installment of date nights with Daddy is about sharing desserts. Anna and I like to share snacks and desserts, and I am often more liberal with letting Anna try things like chocolate and ice cream than Heather...so we have fun. One thing Anna and I both like is rice pudding. I previously talked about the ice cream dance...well today I have a video of the rice pudding dance. The ice cream dance is slightly more excited than this...but this is exciting:

While I don't get quite as excited for rice pudding, my heart jumps in excitement for my little girl and those things which make her this happy :-)


Cindy said...

We too, have seen our own version of the ice-cream dance with our littlest, Colin. Hmm, maybe we need to give rice pudding a try next?

Erik said...

The ice cream dance is the rice pudding dance with additional back and forth swaying :-) You'll have to get a video of Colin doing his dance :-)