Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Movie Rentals....

Heather and I can be pretty frugal...but this entry isn't purely about the cost savings. See, we like to use Redbox to rent videos and watch them. This was an idea brewing for years but now is very very useful. We go to our neighborhood grocery store, Harris Teeter, which is about 1.5 miles away, and pick up the newer movie we want from a box slightly larger than a soda machine. It gets better, because we are able to make the decision which movie we want online and reserve it there..so we don't need to wonder if we can find something while in the store. Redbox charges us $1 + tax each day until we return it for a maximum of 20 times...after 20 days you own it. Its brilliant, and there rarely has been a time when i have thought my $1 was not well spent.

See, I have my own unique rating system. Its called, how much money would I have paid to see the movie in hindsight. Most movies I see come in at least $1..and with redbox I am paying $.50 per person...so I am always happy :-)

The sad thing is we can't see older movies or movies not on the mainstream. So, we do have to make the occasional trip to Blockbuster to pick up movies like Facing the Giants. But, thats probably twice a year max.

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