Monday, January 21, 2008

Anna's first airplane trip

Well, we just got back home from Anna's first trip on an airplane. Heather, Anna and I took a short trip up to see my sister in Connecticut. What I learned from this trip:

  • The time in the airport with Anna was the worst. We wanted her to run off some energy but she doesn't like to be told where she could go. I imagine this would make layovers particularly painful.

  • She did great in the airplane...and really likes fruit snacks and lollipops.

  • I have never been so happy to have 2 on-time flights. Great job American Airlines!

  • When possible, I will rent a car seat instead of traveling with one

  • It was smart not to rush off the plane. But, rushing on the plane wasn't a bad idea with limited overhead storage space on the little jet we were on.

  • Next time, I will were a shirt I don't care about becoming lollipop colored :-)

We have another airplane trip with her in 2 months...when heather will be 8 months pregnant. That will be interesting.

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