Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The ice cream dance

Yesterday, we gave Anna ice cream for the second time...just so happens to be the second time in a week as well. We were at Jason's Deli celebrating our good friend Suzanne's birthday. For those not familiar with Jason's deli, they have a free soft serve ice cream machine. So, I got Anna a little bit of vanilla/chocolate twist in a bowl. As with all things, she took a very small taste first to see if she liked it. As with most things (I think she likes over 90% of what we give her), she loved it. But, she loved it more than most, so much that she felt the need to dance in her high chair. In between every bite of ice cream, she did a little dance. It was adorable.

A special shout out to The Twisted Fork where Anna had her first vanilla ice cream. Their kid's meal was a great deal with offering dessert instead of a drink and for a very good price. This is great because we normally bring Anna milk and either drink her drink or don't get it at all. We got an ice cream cookie sandwich, which gave both Heather and I a cookie with some ice cream on top and Anna her first taste of ice cream. I can't recall her doing the ice cream dance there though...which will be in my mind as pure happiness for a while.

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