Monday, May 05, 2008

On Paternity Leave

I am off work right now on paternity leave, which is a huge blessing to our family. IBM allows for up to 2 weeks paternity leave at the birth of a child or new adoption all based on manager's discretion. My manager gave me the full two weeks, which was more needed with the newborn and 18 month old. It has been wonderful because someone is here to play with Anna and take care of Madelyn so that Anna can slowly adjust to Madelyn being around. As Heather said in her blog today, Anna has been a great big sister, loves Madelyn, and is always trying to help. Today though, for the first time, Anna seemed real needy of some Mommy time and I got some great Madelyn cuddle time. Hopefully I will get some more of this in the next 6 days I have off :-)

Daddy and Madelyn

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