Thursday, May 22, 2008

Birthday days off

I normally always take my birthday as a vacation day.  This year, with having taken vacation in March to go to London and Ponte Vedra as well as just having had 2 weeks off for paternity leave, I felt it better to work.  Its sort of depressing, but I am leaving early to go to see Indiana Jones at 4 that is exciting!  However, since I started at 7:15 this morning its still a pretty full day.

Incidentally, I have always said that if I have my own business each employee will get their birthday off or the Friday before their birthday automatically.


Lori Beth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! (enjoy your last year in the 20's before you get "old")

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday wishes from your "really" old cousin! Can't wait for you to join the "dark side" next year!

Chris said...

I like the thought of an automatic day off for birthdays!