Thursday, May 22, 2008

Am I a grown-up?

Yesterday night while talking about my 29th birthday, the comment was made that "30 is, like, a grown-up." Well, gee, I never thought about what a grown-up really is. I spent all morning (I wake up at 5:15) thinking about what a grown-up is. I decided there were some common characteristics that defined a grown-up that I would have named 15 years ago:

  • Married (Check!)
  • House (Check!)
  • Stable job with responsibility (Check!)
  • Life is more planned instead of spontaneous (Check!)
  • Graying or Balding hair (Check! See for yourself --> )
  • Body no longer recovers from years of physical abuse (Check!)
  • Savings weighted towards future rather than fun (Check!)
  • Children! (Check!)
  • Driving slower (Check!)
  • Wakes up early (Check!)
  • Can't pull late nights (Check!)
  • Beyond 20-something...

I am not sure about the last one there. I may have never put it on a list myself, but at least by someone's measure I can still call myself not a grown-up...for another year.


Lori Beth said...

I guess that means I became a grown up this year ;-( Thanks alot for pointing that out, youngin'. Although, I do not have any gray/balding hair so maybe I am still okay!!

Raleigh Mom said...

Happy Birthday my wonderful husband!