Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Cookout

Last night we had a memorial day cookout with some of our close friends.  There were about 25 people including 6 kids ages 4 and under and we had a blast.  I grilled burgers and hot dogs and everyone brought a side.  Then we finished it up by having banana splits in celebration of my 29th birthday.  Last night reminded me that I am an extravert and I prefer lots of people around me for celebrations such as that.  We are blessed with many friends and even on Memorial Day, all but one person we invited made it.

Heather hunted down banana boats for the banana splits.  We bought a large tub of Breyers Neapolitan ice cream and, in case you are wondering, it took more than that 5.5 quarts tub to feed that many people banana splits.  It took about 7 full quarts overall.  People brought an awesome array of sides; potato salad, cole slaw, pasta salads, fresh strawberries and watermelon, chips, salad, veggie tray, and baked beans.  All said and done 21 hamburgers and 13 hot dogs were eaten with Cassie getting one hamburger that was left over.

At one point after grilling, I sat back in amazement as our friends Suzanne and Kristen took care of Madelyn and Anna and everyone was spread out across our living room, dining room, family room, deck, and Anna's playplace.  Our house seemed large as no where was very crowded...although the family room got close because all of the toys were pulled out on the floor.  Really, I think the only time it seemed crowded is when we brought out the ice cream for banana splits!

One of the best things we did with all of these people was take orders for burgers and hot dogs.  Since I have a relatively small grill, I can't really cook more than 10 burgers at a time.  So, we had each family write down how many cheeseburgers, hamburgers, and hot dogs they want and I made them in waves. 

Ok, enough of that chit-chat...here is a picture of Anna in her outfit before the cookout:

Anna on Memorial Day
And here she is with her sissy in matching outfits:
Anna and Madelyn in matching outfits

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