Thursday, September 25, 2008

Selling baby stuff

Heather and I recognized early before having Anna that baby stuff has a demand during resale. When we had a neighborhood garage sale one year, we had several people just simply ask if we had baby stuff and those people quickly moved on once they found we did not. Raleigh even has a gigantic consignment sale twice a year just for kid's stuff called Kid's Exchange.

One of the amazing things is how much good hand me down stuff people pass down from one another considering this resale value. At the same time, if you don't have anyone to immediately something down to, I guess you either end up keeping it for a second kid or selling it. Some people keep it for no real good reason, but logically keeping it only for a second kid makes the most sense. Today, Heather put up one of our first resellable items on Craig's list. With kids only 18 months apart, we didn't have long til we started reusing things.

The first thing that was outgrown is the single jogging stroller. After Madelyn was born, we quickly became a five stroller family. 2 jogging strollers (one single, one dual), 2 umbrella strollers (one single, one dual), and a travel system stroller. The double jogger is all that gets used, so for the past 5 months the single stroller has been taking up space and gathering dust. So, Heather put it up on Craigslist today. I am impressed that we (specifically she) got it out and ready to sell so quick.

Next, Madelyn is close to outgrowing the bouncer and swing. After that, we have an exersaucer that is a hand-me-down that we will need to return and a jumperoo that will be able to be passed down and sold. Its nice that since we don't plan to have a third, we feel like we can part with all of these treasures. Its also nice that if there isn't a good place to hand them off to, we can easily sell them at a garage sale or at the Kid's Exchange.

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