Saturday, September 20, 2008

Heat in September? No way

Here it is, September 20th, and we have the heat on in Raleigh NC. Now, normally we never would have turned it on so early but today we had some exceptional circumstances. It was in the low 50s outside and a high of 71, so the house was a nice mid to upper 60s. However, Heather and I are both sick with something nasty which causes us to be cold plus we can't stay huddled under blankets when we have a 23 and 5 month old. Thats why the heat was turned on this morning, so that Heather and I could be comfortable in our sweatshirts and jeans without a blanket.

So, this fever is a lot like one Anna had on our car ride back earlier this week from Pittsburgh. For Anna and I, it manifested itself as a slightly upset stomach and a fever. For Heather, she ate the wrong thing which made an upset stomach go sour. Anyway, our weekend plans now are to try to survive while the kids still have plenty of energy.

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