Monday, September 08, 2008

Brady goes down -- Fantasy Football

As expected, my fantasy football team lost its quarterback. After two straight years of McNabb getting injured I drafted a QB late and ended up sticking with a healthy Garard who I picked up through free agency. This year, against my better judgement I drafted Tom Brady because he was the best available pick...and look what happens. I figured at the time that if a QB had to get hurt as is the curse of Erik's fantasy team, it may as well be from a team I dislike. :-) I did however pick Favre as a backup in the draft...let's hope he doesn't get hurt also.

Picking Tom Brady almost caused me to lose a friend but I explained to her that Brady would get hurt. Check this out..on September 1st I told her Brady would go down and Favre would arise as my backup...I guess I may have lost a Fantasy Football season, but hopefully I kept a friend ;-)

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