Thursday, July 31, 2008

Troubles when away

I hate being away from home without my family...specifically my wife. Not only do I lose easy access to my best friend, but the toughest part is the lack of sleep. I average probably 5 hours of sleep on the nights away from Heather. Sure, it stinks to be in a bed often not as nice as mine, with pillows I don't like as much...but what's worse is not having her warm body beside me. How do I know this? Its because I don't have trouble sleeping when she is next to me ever even if its not in my own bed.

Sure, its nice to have a king size bed all to myself with no blanket stealing. :-) But, in reality I must like the blanket stealing because I sleep better when she does it.

I miss you honey and will be home tonight!

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Cindy said...

Very sweet love letter to your bride.