Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Phoenix again

For the third time this July, I am headed to Phoenix tomorrow. While I have enjoyed seeing the town, I wouldn't recommend visiting in July. At the hottest, it was around 115 with a breeze like blowing a hair dryer on yourself the whole time. This week I will stay at the Pointe Hilton - Squaw Peak Resort which is right next to this Phoenix Mountain Preserve called Squaw Peak Park.
Squaw Peak Park pictures

Its neat that right there in Phoenix there is this park that preserves the desert mountains and cactuses. As I drove through it two weeks ago, I saw several people running up the mountain side (it was only 98 degrees at the time) for exercise.
Squaw Peak Park pictures

While I don't like to leave my family it is always neat to see a new place. This month has included my first, second, and third trips to Phoenix ever. I hope to one day be able to take my wife and be able to spend leisure time there maybe kayaking on the Salt River. Until then, I am just enjoying seeing such a different climate and environment...while being able to leave before I get too hot.

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