Monday, July 28, 2008


So, we have this problem in our household. I have bought one grill kit and received another as a gift. Both grill kits included nice metal skewers with handles. The first set, from Char-Broil, had plastic handles that melted leaving me with melting plastic on metal trying to pull it off the grill. Nice!

The second set, from a brand unknown, had metal handles. I thought these would be great. Upon their first time on the grill last night I realized I was wrong. The handles were attached to the long metal skewer with some sort of adhesive. This adhesive started bubbling out of the handles when it got hot and when I grabbed the skewer by the handle, the handle slid right off. The handle then shot bubbling hot sticky adhesive out. I carefully removed the food off the skewer and threw away that which may have touched the adhesive. Here is a picture of the handles, with the hardened adhesive after having bubbled out...which was all that remained:


Do people not test their products at all? I mean, I would think people would expect skewers to be put on a hot grill..

Anyway, I do have one nice skewer set that works and will not have these problems. It is this Weber Kabob set and the metal handles on the kabobs are part of the skewer, not a separate piece. I highly recommend it.

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