Sunday, July 20, 2008

Jobs you may lose..

I read an interesting article about jobs that could not be around anymore in 10-15 years and I spent some time contemplating it. Unfortunately, I can't again find the article...but here were some of the jobs that may be lost:

1) Gas Station attendant -- Sure, we will have convenience stores, but will people still be stopping to fill up their tank? If its hydrogen, yes. If its electricity, maybe not. Some manufacturers are claiming they can come up with 500 mile vehicles given enough battery power...which I guess would mean that electric cars could win.

2) Tax brokers, some payroll, etc -- The idea was that if we ever went to a flat tax system, all of those Jackson Hewitt, HR Block, etc employees suddenly don't have taxes to do every year. Also, you take away resources from payroll and accountants as its much easier. Interesting to think about the ramifications...even the software developers at Intuit (Turbo Tax) would be at risk.

3) Flight personnel for small commuter flights -- With airline customer satisfaction getting worse and worse, the US should now be more open to domestic high speed rail as much as ever. High speed rail in the US runs at about half the speed of those in Europe such as the TGV. The TGV averages at a little over 200 mph whereas the fastest train in the US, the Acela Express going between Boston and Washington with a stop in NYC, averages just over 100 mph. Boston to DC takes 6.5 hours at that speed but going the speed of the TGV could potentially cut it down to about 3 hours, with Boston to NYC being less than 2 hours and very appealing to many commuters fed up with the airlines.

These are the only ones I remember...interesting stuff to think about...I will keep looking for that article.

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