Saturday, July 12, 2008

I shaved

So, for the first time in over four years I am facial hair free. Heather and I have been debating me shaving it off for the past 6 months or so and today she finally agreed to let me shave it off with the condition she can ask me to regrow it whenever she pleases. Not to let her change her mind, I shaved this evening and took a before and after picture:
Before Shaving
After shaving

I had always called this facial hair a goatee...but having looked up a chart of different facial hair types I found that I either have a moustache/goatee combination or a Van Dyke


Lori Beth said...

So what does she (and you) think about the after? It's funny how a little hair (or lack there of) totally changes your face. I'm a clean shaven fan...I do have to admit I like it when Lou goes scruffy over vacation...but I love how he looks all clean.

Erik said...

The jury is still out. Although I had the Van Dyke for ~ 4 years in college, Heather had never seen it except in pictures until after we were married for about 6 months. So, since she married the clean shaven Erik...she must not dislike that side :-) What I find really remarkable was that Anna didn't even seem to notice :-)