Monday, February 18, 2008


I know podcasts in general are kind of old news, but I thought I would share the podcasts I am listening to and some advice on how to find good ones.

1) Free podcasts only. There are so many free ones, why pay?
2) Read each episode's synopsis and skip those that seem meaningless to your life. A great example is Focus on the Family had a recent podcast on "Hope For Your Marriage After Infidelity." I don't ever plan on needing this unless I need to pass it on to someone else. Another one was from Money Girl, "Will Marrying someone with a lower credit score hurt my credit?" Another one that didn't apply to me.
3) Don't make rash decisions based on advice from a podcast. I think you can find podcasts telling you to do this or that which may or may not make sense in your life. It also may not be the best thing for you life. If you get new advice from a podcast, think and pray about it before taking that advice.
4) People you know. There are lots of podcasts from people I have never heard of. Likewise, there are podcasts from people who I have heard of in a bad way. Be careful who you listen to :-)

Here are the ones I am currently listening to in alphabetical order:

  • Bill O'Reilly's talking points -- Quickly (<5 mins) Covers the major issues of the day and some good insight on them.
  • Coffee Cup Apologetics -- I am still evaluating this...but it seems to have some interesting apologetics insights.
  • The Dave Ramsey Show -- Talks about money management, living debt free, investing, and many other topics about personal finances.
  • Denton Bible Church Recent Sermons -- Sermons from Tommy Nelson
  • ESPN: PTI -- Pardon the interruption, probably my favorite sports talk analysis program.
  • Focus on the Family -- Dr James Dobson and others give practical advice on marriage, parenting, and other issues in daily life.
  • How to Manage Your Money -- Quick 3 minute blurbs giving practical money management advice from Crown Ministries
  • InTouch with Charles Stanley -- Sermons from Dr Charles Stanley
  • Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life -- Quick (<5 mins) blurbs on finance..probably about 25% useful.
  • Money Matters -- Crown Financial Ministries call in program with Howard Dayton
  • NPR: Business Story of the Day
  • Wall Street Journal's Your Money Matters -- personal finances

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