Friday, February 01, 2008

Ben Stein on investing

Sorry I have been out all week, I have been in the City of Angels and my laptop crashed while out there. I don't have too much to talk about right now but I wanted to suggest that you all check out this article from Ben Stein on investing. Ben Stein has been an actor and lawyer and is considered an expert on politics and economics. I think he is a brilliant man who I'd love to learn more from, hence the reason when I saw this article I jumped on the chance to read it. Some interesting tidbits according to Ben:

  • Index Funds and ETFs are big winners
  • Investing 40% in international isn't unreasonable and is perhaps desirable
  • Stay away from Bond funds when you are young
  • Don't rebalance

Read the article for more details and his book, Yes You Can Supercharge Your Portfolio!, for even more info.

Here are more of Ben's writings and commentaries.

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