Monday, February 04, 2008

Fidelity Full View

Heather and I have two places to look at the full view of our financial health, one at and one at Fidelity. For those that know me, you know I am a loyal Fidelity customer. Heather worked there for a couple of years and the company was just that good, we couldn't help but love them. Well, I was surfing in our Fidelity account yesterday and saw what they call Fidelity Full View. The idea is that you can tie your credit cards, bank accounts, and mortgages/loans together to see a full view of your financial health. has this same feature, but for those that have a Fidelity account with no Mvelopes account, I thought this may be useful to see a total picture of your financial health.

Fidelity's Full View goes beyond just the finaicial health to give other information, such as aggregate your awards accounts (airlines, hotels, etc) and show you your email. It will bundle in a calendar and bill pay sites as well if you configure it all. I think this is a very cool full featured product if you have a Fidelity account and want to look into it further. Click below to see an larger image of the Fidelity Full View Portal.

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Ken said...

Fidelity's support for full view is something that is "less than desired'. Full view will frequently not update, or is down or is exceptionally slow. It is obvious that Fdelity does not consider full view to be an important initiative. I am a Fidelity customer and would very much like to have a reliable, fast and efficient interface to all my accounts in one place. Full view could be it, but it is not.