Saturday, August 30, 2008

Fun day at the zoo

We had a blast at the North Carolina Zoo today. We packed up this morning and headed to the zoo and after about a 90 minute drive we got there. We took the BOB Revolution Duallie Jogging stroller with us and plopped the girls down in it. At many exhibits, Anna was able to see without leaving the stroller which was good since she was at first afraid. She warmed up to getting out and seeing the animals from a distance or through the glass.

Here she is pointing at the chimps from the stroller:
Anna pointing at the chimps

At other exhibits, we had to hold her up to see the animals. Here she is at the Patas Monkeys:
Daddy and Anna looking at the monkeys

Here are Mommy and Anna looking for the gorillas:
Where did the gorilla go?

And The Flamingos:

But, her favorites were the Baboons and Meerkats:
Anna loved the baboons
Anna loved the meerkats too

In honor of those two animals, I thought they deserved some solo shots without us in the way :-)


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