Friday, August 22, 2008

The big three lunch spots

Its no secret that Heather and I love the neighborhood we live in. Heather has written about it many times. I love it. We don't think we will want to move away from this area. In our neighborhood, Heather and I have 3 lunch spots that we love and often visit. Here is a google map of the area..

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First there is Bella Italia. Great pizza, calzones and strombolis...and great homemade style italian for dinner.

Next there is Taza Grill which is a great Mediterranean food. The one downfall here is they don't have a great kid's menu.

Finally, there is Andy's which has great burgers and cheesesteaks.

All of these are within one mile and walkable from our home..we love it!

In the past couple months, a sushi restaurant and NY deli have opened up in Falls River Town Center where all the other restaurants are. We need to get around to trying them too :-) But, if you are in this area, we highly recommend all of these places.


Coffee Lover said...

Falls River is a great neighborhood. We looked at some homes there, but it would have been too long of a commute for him, although closer for me. We chose Harrington Grove. Are you familiar with that subdivision?

Erik said...

Harrington Grove is a nice neighborhood...we seriously considered purchasing there instead of where we are since it so much closer to work. The only detractor from it is the airplane noise which some people complain about. But, Harrington Grove is so convenient to all the shopping at Brier Creek and even getting down to Glenwood Ave/Crabtree Mall area...its convenience is worth it to most people.