Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy late Easter!

Its a day late, but Happy Easter! As my last post pointed out, Heather and I spent our Easter weekend in Ponte Vedra as has been her family tradition since before Heather was born.
Easter Dinner in Ponte Vedra
As of yesterday, Heather is 35 weeks pregnant and looking/feeling great. Since she was so far along in her pregnancy, we decided to fly instead of drive since her doctor wanted us to stop every 90 minutes for her to stretch if we drove. We took Express Jet direct from Raleigh to Jacksonville, Florida. Based on this one experience, I highly recommend Express Jet. They give you a healthy meal and drink on every flight with $1 beers and $3 wine and XM radio to entertain you. They are also cheaper than their competition. We enjoyed it.

When we got into Jacksonville airport, we picked up the car we had rented through Hertz. Thinking, I don't want to carry down the car seat, we rented one for about $30 for the 4 days we had the car. One thing that I found difficult was that the car seat was just tossed in the back. It looked as if it had just been cleaned (it was covered in plastic) and it was a Graco which I had no experience with. So, in the parking garage (the rental cars in Jacksonville are across the street in a parking garage) I had to figure out the new car seat and the car. It took me about 15 minutes since it was a Toyota Corolla (which Hertz claims is a mid-size car like a Mazda 6?) which I am familiar with and the car seat was already set up for Latch and Tether. I used Latch and Tether as well as seat belt just to be safe.

Is it too much for the rental car company to put in the car seat? Is it for liability reasons? Frankly, I would be tempted to sue them anyway was something to happen to Anna and the car seat found to be the problem. Why? Two reasons. 1) It was an old car seat. 2) They put me in a situation where I could not have the same success I can at home. I don't know the car seat or car....also, here in Raleigh, the fire stations check the car seat installations for you and will ensure they are properly in. Without having any experts available to check, they are putting me at a disadvantage and charging me for it.

Ponte Vedra was great once again as was spending time with Heather's extended family. I hope you all also had a great Easter!

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