Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Buy Last Year's Baby stuff brand new discounted

For those of you who are not "in the know" about this deal for whatever reason, you can buy last year's model stroller, high chair, etc for steeply discounted prices. There are many sites that offer these older models for good discounts. Heather and I just purchased a 2007 brand new stroller for $110 less (27.5% off!) than Babies"R"Us offers from a site called Baby Dealz. Yes, the "z" in "Dealz" is sort of lame and the site may not be as spiffy as Babies"R"Us or Target...but the prices are phenomenal. Also, we got free shipping on our stroller, ordered it Sunday and it arrives today according to UPS. And, since the site accepted PayPal, I didn't even have to worry about them having my financial info. Also, they are a Yahoo! store which helps me trust them a bit more. In this case, it seems to have worked out...although I won't know for sure until we get the delivery later today.

One thing I have noticed about these deals is that they get worse as the companies have less stock. You can see on Baby Dealz that some of their 2006 models are less discounted than the 2007, and some of the 2007 colors are more discounted than others. I assume this all depends on how much stock they have of a particular product. So, I am guessing the best buys come when their stock is at its peak which would be shortly after the new models come out.

Other sites I have browsed (but never bought from) that I keep links to include:
Best Buy Baby
Albee Baby
CSN Baby
D!mart stores

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