Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The star of the presidential debate

Here he is, the start of tonight's debate, Joe the plumber:

So there you have it, Obama's plan is class warfare which could be called socialism. He says the guy should pay more so that other people who haven't been successful can have more opportunities, avoiding the fact that this guy is losing money he worked hard for. I understand some people are for fact I had a brief discussion with a coworker from the UK today who describes himself as a liberal socialist and therefore says he is pro-Obama. Thats fine and personally I understand how people have some to that conclusion based on despair and not being able to get ahead, especially as inflation has increased but wages have not. Getting ahead can be difficult.

All I want it to just call socialism what it is instead of hiding behind brief explanations and vague facts. Obama's plan moves towards socialism, but doesn't implement a full socialist system. I understand there is a big difference. Maybe we need a new word for it. Class warfare may be it. It doesn't stop capitalism, just slows class separation out.

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