Friday, October 10, 2008

Family update

Its been a while since I wrote a blog and honestly its been the craziness of life. Its not that I haven't had time to write a blog but rather its that I haven't had the time to think of what to write. This is one reason I decided to begin with writing about just whats been going on in our family.

Last Wednesday I came home from a 3 day business trip to Austin, TX sick and have not quite kicked the runny nose yet. My mom, also known as Oma, came into town that day and we actually met in the airport about the same time. Here is Oma with Maddie:
Oma & Maddie

Thursday I worked while Heather and Oma took the girls for a walk around a local Lake and had fun together. On Friday, we went to visit some of my parent's old friends who live on Lake Gaston, about an hour north of Raleigh. They have a gorgeous place there and we were there from about 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM. The girls did great. We took a boat ride around Gaston which Anna really liked. Here are a couple of pictures.
Boat Ride
Boat Ride
Boat Ride

On Saturday, my Uncle Paul (Oma's brother) came down from Roanoke to spend the day. We had a fun day with Uncle Paul just around the house...only venturing out for lunch at Andy's. Here are some pictures of Uncle Paul with the girls.
Playing outside with Uncle Paul
Uncle Paul & Maddie

Sunday, we went to church and then I took Oma to the airport while Heather took Maddie to learn about Maddie's baby dedication this upcoming Sunday at Crossroads. Everyone is invited to Madelyn's baby dedication at 9:15 on Sunday. That night, Opa drove in and had dinner with us and played with the girls a bit. He left Monday morning for a 2 day meeting in Chapel Hill. Monday night I went out with Aaron, Andy, Keith, and John to celebrate John's 30th birthday. Tuesday night after work Heather and I went to a IBM RTP Leadership banquet dinner while Kristen watched our kids. Wednesday morning I flew to La Guardia, drove to Fairfield, CT, had a 2 hour meeting, then came back. I left the house at 7:15 AM and got back around 8:30 in that whirlwind. Here I am at the airport, bored out of my mind, with my airplane in the background:
Photo 29

Yesterday was a good was fairly easy partly due to a long 1.5 hour meeting in the morning and spending the afternoon at Frankie's Fun Park with my coworkers celebrating a big release. Pizza, beer, go karts, laser tag, and just having fun with people you don't see often. Here is a picture of people I do, however, see often...Andy, Aaron, and I...
Aaron, Andy and I at Frankie's

That has been the craziness of the past week. Hope this finds you all well!

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