Sunday, June 08, 2008

Cafe Tiramisu

Heather and I celebrated our five year anniversary by going to Cafe Tiramisu, a great little Italian restaurant in a North Raleigh plaza. The worst thing about Cafe Tiramisu is that my wife and I have lived near it for 6 years and didn't know about it. This small restaurant in one of the many shopping plazas in North Raleigh was wonderful. Through the entrance you would not know you were in a shopping plaza in North Raleigh but could have instead transcended through any restaurant in places like Manhattan Beach, CA...or at least it reminded me of meals I have had there. The atmosphere was perfect for a romantic dinner, with a small amount of seating spread out far enough that you weren't in your neighbor's face. It was surprising how quiet and comfortable we were considering how small the area was.

The food at Cafe Tiramisu was divine. We started with the Stacker, a mix of Fried Eggplant, Tomato, and Mozzarella. It was a wonderful combination. For the main meals, I ate their Veal Marsala and my wife had their Pork Loin Chop. The Veal was thin and the sauce delicious with some great homemade pasta in a light cream sauce on the side. The Pork Loin Chop was outstanding with the pork on the bone but filleted with prosciutto and cheese (mozzarella and fontina) cheese in the middle and the whole thing was lightly breaded and fried. Finally, we had to try the Tiramisu for dessert and it did not disappoint.

Cafe Tiramisu is apparently a well kept secret by many North Raleigh folks as even though none of our other friends had heard of it, the place was booked all night and reservations were needed. We would highly recommend it.

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Christian the Christian said...

thanks for the tip - i love italian and haven't found "that" place to go to yet. homemade pasta?!?! i can't wait!