Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Credit Karma review

This evening my friend and coworker Frank told me about Credit Karma, a site that allows you to get free credit scores. This site was apparently reviewed by the News and Observer this past weekend that explains a little more about the service but was fairly wordy as a review goes. So, here is my review:


  • Free credit score, something you normally have to pay for
  • Nice modern website look and feel
  • Lots of clear information pertaining to your credit score, how it is determined, and what it means
  • Uses your credit report information for targeted advertising rather than charging you
  • Does not store your social security number and does not ask for credit card information
  • Easy to read credit report card helps show you the areas that negatively affected your credit


  • Advertisements for new loans, mortgages, and credit cards only account for "lower my payment" based financial situations and lacks intelligence to meet other people's goals (maximize rewards, eliminate debt, etc)
  • Credit score simulator is missing basic things like what happens if I pay off a specific loan
  • Credit report card lacks certain vital information. Showing you the number of accounts opened but not listing them or suggesting which to close to help your credit for example seems an obvious extension.
  • Suggestions can really lack intelligence and you wonder what thought if any was put into it.

Overall the service is useful for seeing your credit score for free and I am eager to see what or how much it emails me based on activity.


Justine said...

Hi! Thanks for the review on Credit Karma. Also, thanks for the suggestions on what we can improve on. If there is anything else you would like to see on Credit Karma, please visit and let us know! Thanks again and see you around the blogosphere!

Erik Burckart said...

Thanks Justine - I look forward to seeing those additions!