Friday, July 24, 2009

Loving my new BlackBerry Tour's Camera

So, I have had my BlackBerry Tour exactly a week and I already love it. My previous BlackBerry, the 8830 world edition, didn't have a camera. I was really starting to realize how many opportunities I missed not having the camera. The BlackBerry Tour has a better screen and a whole bunch of great stuff, but what really mattered to me was getting the camera. Its a 3.2 megapixel camera with a 2x zoom and a great flash..and above all that it takes great pictures. Here are some pictures so you can see the quality. First, I took this one at the farmer's market this morning. Just a quick snap and it came out great. For those of you not used to Flickr, you can click "All Sizes" above the image to see it at larger sizes:
North carolina farmer's market

Next is a picture from this afternoon under the shade in our backyard of Anna and Madelyn playing at the water table:
Playing at the water table

Finally is a picture of a butterfly I took at the NC Museum of Life and Science's butterfly house:
Durham museum of life and science butterfly house

I was able to quickly snap these photos and upload them to facebook and flickr. I am glad to have the camera phone now and now have no excuse for not capturing more of life in pictures!

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