Friday, September 01, 2006

To DirectTV, or not to DirectTV

I have been recently again angered by the NFL. I am a huge NFL fan, but do not have DirectTV so I can't get NFL Sunday Ticket and now for now, Time Warner Cable does not offer the NFL there goes another NFL.

Reasons to go DirectTV:
1) NFL Sunday Ticket is exclusive to DirectTV.

Reasons not to go DirectTV:
1) They don't have low profile receivers or CableCards...which means my LCD TV would need a BIG KLUNKY receiver...or the BIGGER KLUNKY receiver with a hard drive aka a DVR.
2) They still expect you to have a phone line, which means I have to wire a phone line.
3) Dishes on the roof don't help make a house look attractive.
4) I'd have to pay for HD in each room, I get HD for free with the TWC basic package now.

Also, they don't let you purchase NFL Sunday Ticket without a full package, monopolistic jerks. Since I am paying for cable already, I guess I can deal with this for now.

Yea, I will admit the only thing stopping me is #1 up there...if they fix that, I would probably go to direct TV. But, for now, I am waiting for IPTV to take off.

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