Friday, September 15, 2006

baby craziness

Well, we are 6 weeks away from when my life is scheduled to be flipped upside down. People are beginning to send us gifts as Heather has her first baby shower soon. Thats a huge blessing and has me less worried about all this stuff we have to buy. We have the swing, a rocker, and a high chair out for Cassie to start to get used to it.

Heather and I finished the 5 birth classes and 1 breastfeeding course. We are signing up for an Infant CPR course that is happening at our Y next Tuesday. Then, the following week we have a free class from the Family Paws folks on how to train our dog to deal with a new baby. I am excited about both of those classes...but I guess I feel more ready now overall.

Sorry I haven't updated this in a couple weeks, we have been stormed with stuff to do.

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