Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Emergency Fund savings...

So, in order to ensure that we have cash should something bad happened, we have an emergency fund as a backup. Most things we read suggested 3-6 mos of your salary as the emergency fund. I think for me it should be 3 mos of bills. Giving, Saving, and Taxes won't be an issue if it is an emergency like loss of job...and you shouldn't be spending it on frivalous things at those points either...so its really just bills.

To battle inflation, we started an HSBC Online Savings account which is offering a 5.05% online only savings account with an ATM or Debit card. Our credit union, Coastal Federal, only offers 1% or 1.25% interest on savings accounts...essentially meaning you lose 2-3% per year due to inflation. I found the HSBC through the comparisons at Bankrate.com...check it out for yourself if you are looking for an account.

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