Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dyson vacuums and how I will not buy from Sears again

The excitement of the night was the new Dyson DC-14 animal vacuum cleaner we bought. More on it in a second.

Basically, this past weekend most of the floors were vacuumed by our Kenmore Progressive cannister vacuum and cleaned with a fairly new Rug Doctor rented at the local grocery store. The Kenmore bit the dust in a mild way, one of the prongs in the power cord pulled off. To fix it either meaned a "big daddy job" splicing the wires together with another plug or paying Sears "at least $50" to put on a new power cord. So, we choose to have it fixed and after talking to the people on the phone to see how much it would be, I looked on the site to locate my friendly sears repair shop Sunday. Monday I drove the vacuum over the the local Sears store where the website said to go, the store said they don't take the things anymore and I had to drive about 20 mins away and that repair shop was only open til 6 PM. It was about 8 I knew I would have to wait til another day. This evening, we went out of our way..8 miles and 23 stoplights each way...we counted...and we get to the store at 5:25 PM. They close at 5:30 PM. We just made it in time and walk in and the guy says, LAUGHING, you need the hoses with the base. Its a stinking power cord...they wanted every piece of the vacuum to just replace the power cord which should have never broken to begin with. Then he tells us it will take at least a week to fix! Its a power cord!! I was fuming mad...I told Heather on the way home we weren't going it was a new vacuum.

When we got home we got a 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond coupon (perfect timing) and after some post-dinner research on vacuum reviews/ratings at and some reading the Dyson website...we were ready to buy a Dyson. So, I told Heather the best seems to be either the DC-15 or DC-14 animal for our lifestyle. At BB&B, only the DC-14 and DC-07 animal units were available, so we bought the DC-14 and brought it home. Within fixe minutes and without any tools (including no knives/scissors needed to open the box), we had that thing cleaning carpets like the carpets hadn't ever been cleaned. I was absolutely shocked that not even a week after the rugs had been vacuumed and steam cleaned, that Dyson sucked up enough dog hair, dust, filth and grime to fill up 3 of the old vacuum bags...those inferior vacuum bags. I started to use Dyson as a verb, "Let's Dyson the stairs!" and it was one of the coolest cleaning experiences of my life. I mean, I haven't cleaned too much as my wife can contest...but that Dyson cleaned everything better.

Bottom line on this somewhat amusing article is that Sears stinks and the Dyson DC-14 is better than a Kenmore vacuum + a rug doctor. :-)

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