Sunday, July 11, 2010

Siblings and best friends?

My sister is one of my closest friends which is odd considering we are four years apart and haven't lived near one another in over 15 years. For years I had wished we were closer in age so that (I thought) we could be better friends. Realistically what that means is I had an (possibly unrealistic) expectation that we could have kids very close in age who would be best friends. I pictured them skipping through the grassy meadow on a nice sunny day....


Our girls often are 18 months apart and close friends and have yet to act as bitter enemies at any point. They help each other in life. Madelyn is Anna's security - Anna is comfortable often so long as her sister is near. Anna is Madelyn's teacher and sometimes her second mommy - Madelyn learns from Anna and is comforted by Anna. That why I love this picture we snapped of them yesterday (that I altered above) - it shows the fun they have together even when just posing for pictures for their daddy. My prayer is that this is how it will always be.

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