Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mountain getaway

As Heather said here, we had a real enjoyable mountain getaway. I thought I would label some of our favorite and least favorite things.

Lodging: We stayed at Parkway Vacation Rental's At Home with Nature. I would issue a Buyer Beware on these folks. While their service was excellent during the sale - when we got to the location we found all sorts of problems in the house. Once told about it - they promised to fix them the first day we were there and never did. Here are examples of what we found:

  • Mold in the kitchen sink and shower
  • Bedroom doors without handles
  • Toilet Seats split in half
  • Hot tub that never worked
  • Phone service (which we were supposed to have in our contract unlimited loca+long distance) which was turned off
  • DVD Players without cables. Remotes without batteries.
  • An oven door that doesn't shut (great for kids, eh?)
  • Lack of playground and tennis courts prominently listed on their site. Two guards at the gate confirmed this.
  • Broken dining room chairs

The place was once beautiful - its a shame this management team is running it because its falling apart.

Food: We ate in a lot - but had some yummy food out...
Kojay's cafe in Blowing Rock - Loved it and ate lunch there twice. The coffee, however, was not a hit.
Higher Grounds in Boone - Best Coffee. Heather complains about other lattes now after having theirs.
Dan'l Boone Inn in Boone - Great southern all you can eat family style breakfast. We had 14 people which they accommodated in about 20 minutes and it was a blast.
Kilwin's in Blowing Rock - best ice cream.

Things to Do: We kept it low key and were there in November when some things like Tweetsie were closed..but there were things we loved.
Grandfather Mountain. Its a zoo and a scenic getaway all in one, what's not to love? They do push the fudge a bit much though :-)
Playground in Boone - this was the most incredible playground we have ever been to. See the pictures on Heather's blog.

Finally, I'll say this...even if the place you stay in isn't meeting your expectations - when you wake up to this its wonderful:
Sunrise in the NC mountains
Sunrise in the mountains near Boone, NC
Sunrise in the mountains near Boone, NC

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