Monday, February 16, 2009

Facebook presents the colliding worlds

This article reminded me of the reality that facebook is really causing colliding worlds for so many people. I mean, I post personal pictures of my kids and have friends from high school reconnecting there. As Stephanie tweeted (below), we really might regret some of which is now popping up on facebook 10 years later.

A colleague from work also recently said on his blog:

I wanted to use facebook to share family photos etc which are, clearly, private so I had to enforce the family friends only on facebook as the photos are private (photos of family etc) in nature which are of no interest to anybody but close friends and family. So, this is what I'm up to in case someone invites me on facebook and wonders why I don't accept. Professional is linkedin, close friends and family is facebook.

I think thats a reasonable distinction but I am going to take it a step further. Those that I am friendly enough with at work to go to a movie with, have a beer with, or eat lunch with can "friend" me on facebook. But those using it as a business networking thing, perhaps I will respond suggesting we connect on linked in instead. What do you think?

I close with this seinfeld clip:


stephanietrunzo said...

1. I credit my Twitter for the old photos I saw you uploaded. ;-)
2. We talked in my social media class the other day about people getting "caught" for non-work behaviors - i.e., call off sick, but Facebook status says going shopping.
3. Embrace the inevitable. Learn about privacy options, and become as transparent as possible. Find the humor in it.
4. Disclaimer on the above: I am a very open, nonprivate person, so easy for me to say ;-)

Erik Burckart said...

Your twitter can be credited for this entire blog post.