Friday, December 19, 2008

Does your stay at home wife get vacation?

Through a minor disagreement earlier this month, I came to the realization that while I get vacation days, Heather does not. She is with the girls every day. In the little time off she has gotten in the past two years, she has often spent them with others on girl's nights out or at church events. But, for Heather, true vacation is relaxation, serenity, and some seclusion. Our vacations now include the kids. Weekends include kids. Every day she is with the kids.

I for one couldn't stand working 365 days a year and it made me realize that we need a change of plans. I need to allocate some of my vacation days to allowing Heather to have days off. She needs a break to do whatever she wants that helps her to relax and get downtime.

Today is the start of my last vacation for the year. I have until January 5th off. We started this vacation with that new focus, allowing Heather to take two hours at the beginning of today to herself. I don't think thats anything like the full days off I want to make sure she gets in the future...but its a start.

Anyone else have a similar situation? How do you handle it?

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The Wellingtons said...

Excellent point. I've updated my post to make it mom & DAD friendly. :) By the way... this post of yours was great. It's nice to hear a dad recognizing that even if his wife isn't going into an office everyday, she's actually working non-stop hours and needs a break sometimes too! While I can't wait to quit my "real job" and stay home with kids, it's a good reminder to not take the vacation time / hours off that I get now for granted!